About Us

At Grace and Favor House we are a great family and we are honored that you visit our website. Our desire is that from the moment of your arrival you can experience the presence of God and the love and unity that characterizes us.

Together we work so that each one of God’s children knows and can fulfill the purpose of God in their life, we are willing to serve you and walk by your side in each of your processes



One of our pillars is the family, without a healthy and stable family it is impossible to build our ministry! That is why we pay special attention to marriages since they are the ones who guarantee the strength and unity our house needs. We believe in the perfect order established by God and we commit ourselves to see this model applied to each marriage, as well as constant follow-up and counseling based on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. We have retreats that provide restoration, healing and revival tools for our couples, as well as an environment that allows both men and women to learn and develop in their role.


Children’s Church

We are committed to the good development and growth in all areas of our children, enabling them to counter the teachings of this world. At their young age they have experiences with the presence of God and are captivated not only to believe in Him, but to live for Him. Every Sunday our teachers teach them Biblical principles, so that they practice them in their daily life with their families and classmates, being that they are part of a generation that will make the difference. 



Discipleship is a very important part of our vision, is the way to train and commission each disciple to discover and develop their purpose. It becomes the means to equip leaders to be carriers of the manifestations of God’s power, casting out demons, healing the sick, preaching, teaching and prophesying, with the conviction thathe Kingdom will be established in their areas of influence and leaving a legacy to the next generations. 


Houses of Peace

 A House of Peace is an extension of our altar in a home that has opened its doors for you to have an encounter with the presence of God, while sharing a family time. There you can have a personal experience of the manifestation of the power of God, since in houses of peace, miracles, healing and liberations take place. 

 Attend a House of Peace this week.  See more! 


Honey and Milk

It is the program of social assistance of our Church with the vision of supplying basic needs to those who need it. Each month we are delivering basic food baskets, as well as backpacks and school supplies during the school season, turkeys and perishables for Thanksgiving dinners. Learn more about our social assistance program and how you and your family can benefit



Our pastors Franklin and Rosy believe and are committed to a new generation of young people passionate about the presence of God, willing to live by his principles that will bring a revival to the Washington Metropolitan area. Youth who do not limit themselves or conform, a generation that is a witness of the Impossible, manifesting the power of God in places of influence! 



We are passionate about taking the good news to our areas of influence, and snatching the souls that belong to Christ from the hands of the enemy. We do it with the demonstration of the supernatural power of God that touches hearts, heals, delivers, transforms and restores lives.  We welcome them at home and together with our vision, are then enabled to become bearers of the power of the living God in the midst of their environment.