One of the greatest revelations of a person should be love; every person should feel loved at home! Having an encounter with God and recognizing him as a Father, without a doubt, is the beginning of a relationship of love since He is the main source of love, without it will is almost impossible to love or feel loved by those around you. “If you do not love, you have not known God.” In second place is the love to the parents of the house, the pastors Franklin and Rossy Cerrato, since through them the vision is imparted and as the word is cited, it is they who “watch and give accounts for your soul”, they are the main example we have at home. And third, we find the love that leaders of our church should model to the people.


A person who feels loved obeys genuinely, if we do not treat the heart you can not lead a life of obedience, being an obedient person implies leading a life of sacrifice, surrender and denial! That is why at home our base is love because without it the only thing you would do is follow instructions.


Is the model of Jesus, He did not come to earth to be served, He came to serve! That is why love and obedience play an important role at home, since serving is not done by imposition or obligation, serving is seen as a great privilege. In front of God there is no small task because each contribution is a fundamental piece for the good functioning of our church, He does not keep anything and He sees your heart and is a rewarder of those who seek Him.


Honor is a currency of high value in the Kingdom of God and gives you access to the reward systems of heaven and it is a sign of the fear of God. To honor means to value, to estimate and to love. It is clear that greater reward will come to your life when you decide to give on the basis of honor, not out of necessity. The Bible teaches us that God is honored with the goods and with all fruit that comes to your hand, but also teaches us to honor people, if you honor a person you will have access to the same anointing and favor that is over the life of that person. Paul told the Corinthians that he was not looking for gifts but fruits. If you sow in a righteous man, you will reap what that righteous man has.

Power of God

We preach to a living God, and we have witnessed what the demonstration of his power does in the lives of people, healing, miracles and wonders are the result of it. All this comes as a result of the fact that at home we do not belittle the person of the Holy Spirit, since as the word says “even when we do not have the capacity to understand the things of the Spirit of God, these are transcendental in the manifestation of his power”.

Principles of Life and Growth

Intimacy with God

Everything is born in intimacy with God and an encounter with his presence that transforms the heart. He is the priority of our ministry and the source of our love, obedience, service and honor.

The Word

It is our guide, our manual. Each of his commandments and statements are the basis of our belief and action.


As it is written in the Bible, the family is born from the union of a man and a woman under the sacred covenant of marriage, and becomes the nucleus of society. We believe that by rescuing and restoring families, communities will be transformed and nations will be impacted.

The Intergenerational Transfer

God is tri-intergenerational: The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Parents have the ability and the grace to impart to our spiritual and natural children all that we have achieved: material, emotional and spiritual inheritance. We have the duty to leave an inheritance in all areas

The Character of Christ

The goal of every man and woman on this earth is to each day form more the character of Jesus in their life. That is, to be full of goodness, integrity, humility, fear of God, holiness and maturity, just as He was. Jesus is our model, which we have to imitate, honor, glorify, worship and follow until he returns.