Investors and Partners of the End Time

In this end time there is a great need to take the gospel to all parts of the world provoking a revival that changes lives, transforms generations, and impacts nations.


Who is an investor of the end times?

The investor of end times is anyone who, believing in the blessing that their sowing unleashes, contributes a certain amount which can be made in one payment or completed in up to 12 months.

Who is a partner of the end times?

It is the person who assumes the monthly commitment to make a fixed contribution. Understanding that their seed will be sown in the expansion of the gospel of the kingdom.


There is an imminent need to bring revival to our territory and to all the nations of the earth. The message of Jesus must be preached and for this Grace and Favor has a clear vision of how to do it, by becoming a partner or investor you will be putting your seed so that the different expansion projects become a reality.

Temple Expansion Project
The expansion will allow us to receive 600 people who will have encounters with God in our facilities in Chantilly, VA
We know that the final harvest is ready, we will do our part to reach and win the greatest number of souls
RVVL in your city
As part of our evangelism project, we intend to reach the greatest number of souls in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area through events in various cities.
Media and communications are a fundamental part of the spread of the gospel, we crave to have the necessary equipment that allows us to do it with excellence.
Purchasing of land and construction of the temple
As a long-term plan, we are sure that Grace and Favor will have its own facilities where millions of families and generations will be transformed.
It is our desire to establish the kingdom in different parts of the world, spreading the word and supplying basic necessities to those in need.
Milk and Honey
It is the social service branch of our ministry that provides food and some basic necessities for families that need it, God does the supernatural, we do the natural.

Goals Achieved

With our Milk and Honey program, between 2019 and 2020, throughout the pandemic, more than 600 local, Central, and South American families received essential item baskets, each valued at an average of $100.
It should be noted that since the beginning of Grace and Favor this has been a program that has been carried out, and has benefited hundreds of families in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area with basic food.

Projects in Process

Temple expansion
RVVL In your city
Support for the Milk and Honey program