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We have been called to bring the GOVERNMENT of GOD to the Families of the earth.

They are the founders of Grace and Favor Ministries, a ministry of growth and expansion in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

The paternity and coverage of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado has been vital in their lives and ministry as they have been driven with more force and influence in different spheres which has led them to be carriers of the supernatural movement of God that brings answers for these times.

In addition to being passionate about families and working in their behalf, Pastors Cerrato are models for a new generation that will rise up like a blazing torch for these times, sowing in them the Gospel of the Kingdom and affirming the seal of the Spirit so that it remains in their hearts and that they may be part of a generation trained to make history.

Currently Pastor Franklin lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area together with his wife Pastor Rossy Cerrato and their three children, Marco, José and Mía.

Franklin Cerrato

Visionary, noted for his daring and entrepreneurial spirit, Pastor Franklin Cerrato is the Founder of Grace and Favor Ministries; A ministry that has excelled in the Washington D.C metropolitan area for its rapid growth and expansion. In addition to being a composer and producer, his passion for worship and souls have led him to, not only to record five musical productions, but, to be used as an instrument for the transformation and restoration of many people by the manifestation of the power of God through his life.

Thanks to his example and his genuine love for the families, Pastor Franklin has become a spiritual father to many and a role model in his function as a husband and father, as well as being an advocate for the fulfillment of purpose and calling of those who know and surround him. His passion for the youth and the new generations, along with his commitment and dedication to the works of God, have led him to embark countless projects in different areas, inside and outside the ministry, involving the use of new technologies.

As a spiritual son of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, Pastor Franklin has had the opportunity to be part of different “Supernatural Encounters” in Africa and Europe alongside the King Jesus Ministry located in Miami. These experiences have marked his life in the field of intercession and service – both of which are pillars in his life and have currently allowed doors of influence to open in political and governmental fields in his native country, El Salvador.

Rossy Cerrato

Pastor Rossy Cerrato is co-founder of Grace and Favor Ministries. She is a woman that is passionate in seeing the kingdom of God be established at all times and in all places, with a calling to prophetic intercession and with a powerful anointing in deliverance, Pastor Rossy has been invited to minister at various conferences of all kinds nationally and internationally.

Sharing with her husband, Pastor Franklin Cerrato, the same passion to see the government of God establish itself in the families, she has focused on children and young people having encounters with the Spirit to mark a new generation that will walk with identity and purpose, and her example and teachings have led her to become a model wife and mother for many women.